Max Verstappen signed an exclusive personal sponsorship deal with EA Sports

The sponsorship deal marks a new chapter in Max Verstappen's career, as he looks to take his racing performance to the next level.

The Big figures or personas in EA Sports have announced that they will be sponsoring Red Bull driver Max Verstappen for the 2023 season. It appears that this is a personal sponsorship. The deal consists of the company’s logo(EA) being placed on the twice reigning world champion’s helmet through the season. Verstappen will also collab with them to come up with content all over the EA sports portfolio.

EA Sports currently developed the annual Formula 1 video games, what makes it more interesting is that Verstappen is a gamer himself. He took part in multiple virtual events, and he also runs his own e-sports outfit, widely known as Team Redline. Having a reputation as a World champion multiple, the EA Sports have confidently confirmed their new partnership in the year 2023.

Andrea Hopelain had positive words to say about Max Verstappen. The persona brought out that Max is a firm competitor and outstanding champion who simultaneously has a deep love of games and play. EA Sports are comfortable sponsoring Max as the commenter, Andrea Hopelain, is the senior vice president of the EA Sports & Racing brand.

An unknown source brought out that they are excited to collaborate with Max. This is because he is one of the best athletes in the world and through him, more fans will come together through i the EA sports experiences. This also means that EA Sports will grow its market as many eyes will be on them because of Max. Therefore, it's a win-win situation as both parties will attain a fan base.

Max Verstappen’s latest adventure into virtual racing came to an end with an unexpected disconnection from the recent Le Mans Virtual. However, he still remains a big gamer and is looking forward to wearing proudly the EA logo this year. In his words, he said, "Whether it’s playing games with my friends or staying competitive when away from the track, EA sports has always been a big part of my life." Therefore, it's clear that he is also emotionally involved in this agreement, as he has always liked EA sports.


One cannot ignore the fact that EA Sports is an icon for millions of fans, and because of that, Max pointed out that he is proud to represent them for the 2023 season. The team Red Bull launched the uniform of the RB19 in New York on Friday, after a record-breaking season that witnessed Verstappen return home with 15 wins from 22 races, an all-time Formula 1 record for a single year. Mr. Verstappen will also enter into the season looking to become the only fifth driver in the entire history of Formula 1 racing to win three consecutive World championships.