McLaren admits to missing projected targets

Despite this, McLaren remains confident in its long-term goals and strategies.

The pre-season testing marks its halfway mark at the Bahrain International Circuit, and F1 team bosses share their thoughts. 

Drivers from all teams are seeking to learn more about their new machines. 

“I think it is quite clear, because it looks like Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes are close together. The rest of the field are looking to close the gap to the front teams, and I think the midfield is quite close together,” said Franz Tost from AlphaTauri. 

“Franz covered it off very well that the top three are probably still the top three, with Red Bull appearing to have the edge,” added James Vowles, the new Williams team boss. “The key to it in explaining why it is difficult is if you ran at a different time of day here, that could be up to a second, and if you add how you measure the fuel that could be another two seconds, and by the time you add in reliability, you have far more than the grid will be separated by.” 

Guenther Steiner from Haas added, “I think the new regulations are working, and I think the teams are getting closer together in the midfield. “I cannot say for any of the seven teams behind the three big ones who are in front and who is not. Hopefully one day all 10 teams will be close together, and we are sitting here debating who will win the next race.” 

Zak Brown from McLaren admitted that their path is quite unclear as yet. “It’s hard to know where we are until we get going. We set some goals for development which we didn’t hit, and we felt it was better, to be honest about that,” he said. “We, like everyone, have a lot of developments coming, so we are encouraged at what we see around the corner, but it will be going into the first race off our projected targets it’s hard to know what that will be on the grid.”