McLaren expresses interest in working with Red Bull

Such a collaboration could be beneficial to both teams, as they both have different strengths they could bring to the table.

Christian Horner has been working tirelessly, as he confirms a potential deal with McLaren to supply them with power units starting from the year 2026.

The new F1 power units will feature more electrical power, higher efficiency and better safety measures. Red Bull has set to build their own engine, partnering with the American car giant Ford.

After Zak Brown visited the Red Bull campus, Horner was asked if McLaren was interested in using Red Bull power as from the year 2026. 

“I thought he [Brown] was coming for lunch,” jested Horner. “It’s obvious that, as a power unit manufacturer for 2026, it’s inevitable that discussions are going to be held regarding potential powertrain supply, and that’s only natural that we would speak with potential customers,” he enumerated. 

And McLaren boss Andrea Stella didn't deny conversations have taken place.


“We have a solid partnership with HPP [Mercedes High Performance Powertrains]. At the same time, it’s obvious that looking far forward, you want to understand what's available. So, I think that's natural. It shouldn't be too much of a surprise,” he said.

McLaren isn't the only potential customer on the cards as James Vowles from Williams also, not so long ago, declared that his team are also contemplating on whether to continue using Mercedes power units. 

Audi is entering the sport with Sauber, while Ford with Red Bull, hence increasing choice for customer teams. 

“To have that many manufacturers coming into the sport, I think it is great for Formula 1 to have that variance,” remarked Horner. “We're going to be welcoming Audi, we're going to be as Red Bull-Ford embarking on a new journey as well, plus, obviously, the incumbents, and as you say, if anybody else chooses to join in the meantime. So I think it's it fantastically exciting for F1. It's a halcyon period for the sport and to have manufacturers wanting to be involved, you know, is a testimony to the strength that the sport currently enjoys.”


Added on he pronounced, “And we've just got to make sure that for 2026 we get the product right, because bringing… newcomers and so on in, we've got to ensure that the engine regulations and the chassis regulations marry up, that the product that we have isn't compromised, or it doesn't detract from the kind of racing that we've seen these cars starting to achieve.”