McLaren might keep Mercedes engine upto 2026

McLaren could continue its push to the top of the grid with customer-driven Mercedes. 

Recent rumors that the Woking-based team are considering a collaboration with Audi for 2026, and top engineer Rob Marshall's amicable move from Red Bull to McLaren, are the future of McLaren and Red Bull. Rumors circulated that it was part of an engine deal.

However, team principal Andrea Stella suggested that staying at Mercedes was indeed the most likely path for McLaren beyond 2026.

"Being a factory team is great," he said. "But it's pretty much the same when the partner is a well-known manufacturer."


“Changing partners with the transition to new regulations carries some risk, and in 2026 we want to be at the forefront,” Stella added.

"I don't want to say, 'He needs two more years because the project isn't mature enough.'" We want to stay in good shape, both on the chassis and on the engine.

"At the moment our limits have nothing to do with our drive unit, which is great," he said.

In fact, McLaren's 2023 car behaves as inconsistently as Ferrari has so far.

The first major upgrade took place at the Baku circuit, but Stella admits it achieved "at most a tenth" in terms of speed.


"But this upgrade gives us more freedom in development," said the former Ferrari race engineer, who was promoted to McLaren's team principal this year to replace Sauber's new CEO Andreas Seidl as he was promoted to become McLaren team boss. And the next big development step is due to debut at Silverstone next month, and Stella doesn't deny that it could be aptly described as the 'B' version.

According to Auto Motor und Sport, he said, " "The car will change in appearance quite significantly," lot."