McLaren rises as Aston Martin drops in performance

Upon mechanical upgrades, McLaren sees an improvement.


Aston Martin has suffered a setback while McLaren has experienced a resurgence in performance. The blame for Aston Martin's decline has been placed on the new Pirelli tires, which are said to have shuffled the rankings on the grid. Ferrari had previously touted these tires as a "game changer," with Pirelli's motorsport sector manager, Mario Isola, strongly endorsing their impact. This is the second race where the re-inforced tires have been used, and it has become evident that there are both positive and negative effects.

McLaren, in addition to implementing significant updates, has seen a remarkable improvement in their performance. Both of their drivers displayed outstanding results in qualifying, replicating their success from the previous race at Silverstone. In Hungary, McLaren secured the second row of the grid, just 85 thousandths of a second behind Lewis Hamilton's pole position. This positive constant indicates that McLaren has been able to adapt well to the new Pirelli tires and make the most of their improvements.

On the other hand, Aston Martin's disappearance from the top positions in the standings is the negative constant. At the beginning of the season, Fernando Alonso, a driver for Aston Martin, had high hopes for winning races in Monaco, Budapest, and Singapore. However, their performance in Hungary was lackluster, as they could only manage a fourth-row starting position. Speaking to Sky Sport F1, Alonso highlighted how the new Pirelli tires have dramatically affected Aston Martin's performance. The reshuffling of the grid can be attributed to both the characteristics of the track and the changes brought about by Pirelli's tire construction. Previously dominant Red Bull Racing has also faced challenges, no longer consistently securing pole positions, with one of their drivers, Checo, struggling to qualify in the top ten.

The situation has led to unexpected strengths in other teams, such as Alfa Romeo and McLaren. The sudden drop in performance for Aston Martin highlights the influence that altering the regulations mid-championship can have. Overall, the impact of the new Pirelli tires has disrupted the established order in Formula 1, creating an unpredictable and exciting racing environment.