Mercedes and Ferrari deny involvement in cost cap breach speculation

The Cost Cap Issue continues to take center stage in Formula One Racing.


Mercedes and Ferrari have distanced themselves from rumors suggesting that they breached F1's cost cap last season. Both teams have emphasized that if they had spent more, their recoveries would be much further along. Earlier this week, reports emerged stating that up to three teams had breached the cost cap regulations in the 2022 season. However, the teams involved were not named in these reports. F1 chief Stefano Domenicali called for severe sporting sanctions if the breaches proved to be true. 

However, the FIA has labeled the reports as 'factually wrong.' According to Sky F1's Craig Slater, the FIA's auditing process is scheduled to conclude in the coming weeks, so talk of potential breaches at this stage is unfounded. Nevertheless, given the precedent set by Red Bull's budget cap breach in 2021, the rumors continue to circulate until official confirmation is provided.

Mercedes' motorsport boss Toto Wolff has denied his team's involvement in the current round of rumors, explaining that if they had the budget, they would make more changes to the car. The cost cap is now a significant constraint, preventing them from implementing desired alterations. Without the necessary financial flexibility, they are looking toward the following year to address these concerns. Wolff acknowledges that the cost cap has forced teams to find a balance between focusing on the current season or investing resources into future development. 

Ferrari, too, has faced financial limitations in their efforts to close the gap with Red Bull. They have made some significant changes to the car but have been unable to accomplish everything they wanted due to budget constraints. The strict regulations and limited resources have made it challenging to make substantial mid-season improvements. Like other teams, Ferrari is already working on next year's project to rectify the situation and move forward.