Mercedes Onto McLaren Upgrade

Mercedes Team investigates McLaren`s upgrades.

The Upgraded MCL160

After the McLaren Racing Team introduced a new front wing and developed their aerodynamic features comprising of side pods as well as underfloor at the 2023 British Grand Prix, Mercedes`s Technical Director, James Allison has announced that as a team, they will be closely examining McLaren`s latest upgrade to understand how the rival team has achieved a significant improvement in lap time. 

This comes after McLaren finished second and fourth at the 2023 Silverstone Circuit (British Grand Prix) which also marked Lando Norris attaining his team`s first podium of the 2023 edition.

 The battle was triumphed by Red Bull`s Max Verstappen, his sixth consecutive win and eighth win of the season however, his competitors (teams and drivers) seem to be introducing upgrades and hence heightening the contention for the crown. 

Allison confirmed that the Mercedes Team closely monitors all teams` upgrades and that the “unusual” thing with McLaren`s upgrade is its significant effect on lap time. He praised McLaren for their work and stated that Mercedes would analyze the upgrade thoroughly to see how it could confirm their own future developments. Allison also revealed that Mercedes would continue developing their car for the rest of this season and into the next. He anticipated that teams would yo-yo between positions as they introduce upgrades, and he speculated that it would settle down toward the end of the season. 

So far, Mercedes sits comfortably at 203 points (second place after Red Bull) in the Constructors` World Championship whereas their rival McLaren sits at 59 points overall (fifth place).     

A Tabular Overview of Constructors` Standings for McLaren as well as Mercedes:  

Constructors` Standings.