Mr Aitken parts ways with the Williams F1 team

He is ending his three-year tenure with the team and looking to pursue other opportunities.

Partnerships are meant to last a lifetime, but things have taken an unexpected turn for the Williams F1 team. Mr Aitken has parted ways with the team as he has decided to shift his focus to sports-car racing for the year 2023. 

For the past three years, he has served as a reserve driver for Williams, and made his first grand prix start during the 2020 season of Sakhir Grand Prix, his role being the deputy for George Russell, who in turn replaced Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes who was Covid struck. Despite ending his career as a full time driver in the 2021 season, Mr Jack Aitkens maintained his relationship with the squad in favor of switching to endurance racing, however, his agreement with the team will not be renewed for the year 2023.

In an interview with Motorsport, Jack Aitken elucidated the fact that it was a mutual decision with Williams team to part ways. He went on to explain that he was fully involved last year (2021) and that he likes the team, but he now has a lot of his plate that needs his attention. The main reason he has decided to draw back from the team is that he wants to focus on his racing program and on his career, which is sports-car racing. In support of his decision to separate with the team, he said, "They’ve been very supportive, and they have younger guys coming through their academy, and they want to give them seat time and time in the sim. It just made sense." Aitken, who is 27 years old, denoted that he has no regrets about falling short of his goal of becoming a full time F1 driver, as he is now looking forward to putting himself in the top tier of sports-car racing.


Mr Aitken expressed how it was a great job and how he enjoyed the opportunity he had been given to be in this position with the Williams team. He brought to light that he was one of the lucky individuals in the team to not just race, but also drive the cars. However, he says his career as a single-seater driver did not turn out successful, but he remains optimistic amidst the failure. He seems very happy in the path he has chosen of sport scars and is eager to see how successful he can be
in that area of influence.

Aitken is sharing the AXR Cadillac V-LMDh with full time teamers namely Pipo Derani and Alexander Sims for this weekend's Rolex 24. He says he is happy and determined in his first experience of racing in IMSA so far. As he denoted the way he feels, Aitken also accentuated that he has two hospitable experienced teammates, therefore it has played as an advantage for him. Mr Aitken also brought out that it's a slightly different culture from what he is familiar to in Europe but despite the difference, he is enjoying it and looking forward to seeing the style of sports car racing.


From his words, it appears many people have told him that IMSA is to be involved in a good series, hence increasing his curiosity and enthusiasm to see the unfolding of it. He has been confirmed as the AXR's third driver for the upcoming four races IMSA Michelin Endurance Cup is constructed of. As a man full of ambitions, Mr Aitken is working his fingers to the bone in adding another program in Europe to his schedule this upcoming season.

Though separation with acquaintances or colleagues is a painful process, it is clear that Mr Aitken has seen a 'greener side' in the career of sports-car racing. His attitude towards the decision is very optimistic, one can only but hope that his career in this new path becomes a success. Like his bright character, the future surely looks bright for Mr Aitken.