New Race Suits Ahead of 2023 Season for Haas and AlphaTauri

The new race suits will be cutting edge, with improved aerodynamics and technology to help teams gain an edge on the track.

A new F1 season is fast approaching, and we are already getting a picture of how the 2023 grid will look. Formula 1 confirmed that the 2023 season will consist of 23 races. Everybody can agree that the F1 launch season is one of the busiest phases of the year. This is because the teams pull the covers off their new challengers. The beginning of a new season sets out the tone for the rest of the year. During this time, this is when the teams set out key targets for the campaign ahead. Hence, it is very important for teams to get their acts together. On that note, too, several teams already have unveiled their new costumes. Haas and Alpha Tauri revealed their new looks in their new race suits, and we got a little glimpse of how they will be looking this year. 

Haas has continued with their white overalls that they previously had. However, there is an added feature of the black and red of their new title sponsor, MoneyGram. Kevin Magnussen and his new teammate Nico Hulkenberg showcase the kit that they will be sporting out on track this year. AlphaTauri's Nyck de Vries and Yuki Tsunoda also revealed their costumes, modeling the team’s newly designed race suits. They continued with their white and navy blue colors, although they have added a splash of orange, which comes from their new sponsor Orlen. 

Ferrari, which is an Italian-based squad also unveiled their new suits for the 2023 season. Drivers Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz, and reserve Robert Schwartzman were part of the team that did the revelation. The team is going with new t-shirts, that however continue with their trademark red color scheme, with a dash of black over the shoulder. In addition, Haas, among the three teams, went on to reveal their car for the 2023 season. 



AlphaTauri launched their AT04 on Saturday, February 11, followed by Ferrari, who took the covers off the new F1-23 on February 14.