Oscar Piastri is gaining a great deal of knowledge from Lando Norris, his McLaren Formula One teammate

This experience is helping Piastri become a more complete driver, and gain a better understanding of Formula One racing.

Oscar Piastri has expressed that he has gained a great deal of knowledge from Lando Norris in the short time they have been teammates at McLaren.


In 2021, Piastri, who was crowned Formula 2 champion that year, was brought in to fill the gap left by fellow Australian Daniel Ricciardo. Ricciardo had a difficult time with McLaren due to his difficulty handling their cars over the course of his two seasons with them. It was expected that Piastri, who had a high rating, would be able to get closer to Norris than Ricciardo did in the beginning, and he has already lived up to that expectation. Norris confessed that Piastri is already "challenging him" and commended the fact that both drivers have similar reviews of the MCL60.

In his rookie season, Piastri says Norris, who is entering his fifth season in F1, is an invaluable benchmark as he gets up to speed. "Lando has definitely taught me a lot," Piastri said. "Not only what it takes to drive this car specifically, but also the way we analyze performance and pay attention to small details." I believe there is always room to strive for better results. It has been beneficial to have Lando as a reference point. He has proven himself to be an excellent driver, so being able to work with him has made me realize this even more.

Piastri corroborated Norris' thoughts on the importance of having drivers with different driving techniques and car setup needs, which has aided the team in establishing a clear development path. "As Lando said, we're working in tandem when it comes to what we desire from our car," he concurred. "I believe that our approach is rather alike, which is great for the team." It allows the engineering side to have a very clear vision of what needs to be done.


Oscar Piastri's performances have impressed McLaren CEO Zak Brown, who believes he has the potential to match Lando Norris's pace. During the Saudi Arabian weekend, Piastri showed he was at least as good as his teammate. In his hometown's Australian Grand Prix, Piastri secured his first F1 points, coming in eighth place, with Norris taking the sixth position. As the 2023 car has struggled with high drag, McLaren is bringing its first significant improvement package to the next race in Baku. This package should help solve some of the launch spec's aerodynamic inefficiencies.