RB19 Reveal

Red Bull's livery for the 2023 season

The iconic livery of Red Bull Racing for the 2023 season will feature a bold design with bright colors. The car will also feature a modern aesthetic that is sure to stand out on the racetrack. It is certain to be an eye-catching car that will attract plenty of attention. It promises to be a head-turning car that will create a powerful presence on the circuit, and will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable cars of the season.

The third of February marked the launch event for Formula One’s Red Bull team in the city of New York. The event was spearheaded by the team’s principal Christian Horner as well as the full time racers, Max Verstappen as well as Sergio Perez alongside their third driver, Daniel Ricciardo.

With the pre-testing season scheduled for the 23rd to the 25th of February, the Red Bull team will reveal finer details of their new livery getting into the 2023 Edition of the race series. The new car’s colour layout was revealed at Manhattan’s classic Car Club, with the three American races to come in the 2023 edition at Miami, Austin as well as Las Vegas. A special and unique competition will be staged for Red Bull fans to design a special livery for the three races which will be scheduled to happen in the United States.

The sport’s new regulations will be fully implemented in the 2023 edition, with focus on fully sustainable fuels, reliability of the car tires and safety of the drivers/racers. The launch came after a media announcement by another American Giant, Ford, which will be returning to the grid in the 2026 edition of the race series. This would also mark the Ford-Red Bull partnership which will take root with effect from the 2026 season in order for Ford to be an engine supplier.


The Red Bull’s Racers, Verstappen and Perez

Max Verstappen, a two time world champion, is highly favored to win his third world title in a row, and their 2023 campaign has been centered on the retention of their crown, in spite of the drivers (Max Verstappen as well as Sergio Perez). Their previous bid for the championship glory resulted in them claiming 17 of the 22 races with the RB18, with 15 of the races conquered by the incumbent World Champion, Max Verstappen. The team collectively looks forward to picking up where their predecessors left off, with this year’s edition set to be a total of 23 races (the longest ever season) and more increased sprint races.


The reigning world champions head into the 2023 edition with a budget cap penalty looming over them, which would limit their ability to evaluate new developments and also limiting the number of runs available to them over the year. The champs have also accepted the fierce challenge they foresee coming in the form of Ferrari as well as Mercedes and other teams, whose liveries will push them to the limit. 

With the upcoming pre-testing season in Bahrain, Red Bull is ready to evaluate and assess themselves with where they stand as far as all other teams are concerned, basing this on the strength of their new cars. Horner has concluded that the rest of the Red Bull Team are set off for the 23-race journey between March and November. He’s adamant that even in the midst of the adversities forth coming, they will be able to reign supreme once more. The grand prix opening the season in Sakhir takes place a week later after the 23-25th February Pre-testing season.