Red Bull are among three teams in danger of breaking the 2022 F1 Budget Cost cap

F1 Budget Cap Auditors are questioning Helmut Marko's role because Redbull didn`t include him in the payroll which they submitted.


Rumors have been circulating in recent days that three teams in Formula 1 may have exceeded their 2022 budget cap. Seven teams seem to have already had agreement from the FIA on their annual reports, but more investigations are needed from the other three race teams at the very least. According to L'Equipe and other media platforms Aston Martin, Mercedes, and Red Bull need to submit additional information.

Recently, the British media has been discussing possible budget cap violations in Formula 1 during the previous season, involving Aston Martin, Alpine, and Mercedes. However, a contradictory report has surfaced. According to their claim, Aston Martin and Mercedes are allegedly in the 'danger zone' regarding the budget cap, but surprisingly, the third team implicated is Red Bull rather than the French Alpine team.

Redbull: F1 Budget Cap Auditors are questioning Helmut Marko's role because Redbull didn't include him in the payroll which they submitted 

Aston Martin is facing more significant concerns related to budget cap compliance compared to Mercedes and Red Bull, although specific reasons for this have not been provided in the report. Additionally, there seems to be confusion and questions from Formula 1 teams regarding the exact role and qualification of Helmut Marko at Red Bull considering that he is always in all the races and has a direct contract with Redbull which apparently expires in 2024.

Despite attending all races in the Red Bull pit box, Marko is not considered one of the three top managers whose salaries are excluded from the $136 million budget cap. In essence, there are uncertainties surrounding Marko's position within the team and how his role is assessed in terms of budget cap regulations. This lack of clarity has led to inquiries from other Formula 1 teams seeking further explanation on the matter.

Since 2022, Helmut Marko has not officially held the position of overseeing Red Bull's junior program. This role has been taken over on paper by Guillaume Rocquelin. However, despite this official change, Marko, who is 80 years old, still wields significant influence within the Milton Keynes-based team. His involvement remains substantial despite not being listed among the three highest-paid employees. 

As a result, there are suspicions that Marko's salary, which could be quite generous given his importance within the team, is included in the $136 million budget cap. It's worth noting that Red Bull might have a legitimate explanation for this arrangement, but the situation has raised questions among competitors who have approached the FIA seeking clarity on how such arrangements are assessed under the budget cap regulations.

FIA remains uncertain when they will release the F1 Budget cap audit reports

As per an FIA spokesperson's statement, it remains uncertain when the FIA will make its findings public regarding the financial regulation certification for the teams in question. At this point, none of the teams involved have been officially informed of their certification status. 

Despite the rumors circulating about possible budget cap violations and concerns, the teams are still awaiting official confirmation from the FIA regarding their compliance with the financial regulations. Until the FIA completes its investigation and shares the results, the teams remain in a state of uncertainty about their status. 

Only after the FIA makes their findings public will the teams know whether they are considered compliant with the budget cap rules or if there are any issues that need to be addressed.

"The auditing fieldwork is still ongoing and is scheduled to conclude in the upcoming weeks, after which there will be a period required for the finalisation of the review. There is not, and has never been, a specific deadline for certification, and any suggestions of delays to this process or potential breaches are completely unfounded – the Cost Cap Administration will formally communicate its findings according to the procedure set out in the Financial Regulations. The timeframe is intentionally not fixed in order not to prejudice the robustness and the effectiveness of the review."

Redbull several million below the 2022 Budget Cap: Christian Horner is not worried and is confident about Redbull staying under the budget cap for the 2022 season

In a recent interview following Max Verstappen's victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Christian Horner spoke to Sky Sports and indicated that Red Bull is confident about staying under the budget cap for the 2022 season. 

Horner explained that during the previous year, in 2021, they managed to stay several million below the budget cap. This was partly achieved because there were limited developments due to incidents like Max damaging a front wing and Checo (Sergio Perez) crashing at Monaco. These accidents incurred substantial costs, and with restricted development, they were able to keep their spending in check. However, Horner acknowledged that the current year (2022) presents new challenges, primarily due to reduced wind tunnel time, which is a significant aspect of development in Formula 1.

As a result, they need to exercise discipline and carefully manage their resources to adhere to the budget cap requirements. He emphasized that the budget cap is a topic of constant discussion among teams as they all strive to ensure compliance with the regulations.