Horner has picked his most upgraded team

His selection has been based on criteria such as talent, potential, and experience in order to build the strongest team possible.

Max Verstappen puts Red Bull on the map as he set 204 laps over 1.5 days only of running. No doubt, the Belgian-Dutch motorsports racing driver has raised the team's confidence. A teammate, Sergio Perez, happened to clear 150 laps overall. Christian Horner, the team principal, commented on one team he really thinks has already shown some great improvement. 

The 25-year-old, Verstappen, has a great track record to his name. He scooped 15 win in the last year, winning his second title. Because of him, Red Bull Racing, for the first time, took the constructors’ crown since 2013. With the new RB19, that will be racing for Red Bull this year, they are hoping to continue defending these championships and scoop even more. 

Asked to pick between Ferrari and Mercedes, Horner commented, “Very difficult to say. I mean, Ferrari looks like they’re quick, but Mercedes’ form is difficult to read at the moment. Are they holding something back? We’ll see, this time next week; I think all will become clear.” 

In addition, he mentioned that Aston Martin had made a great improvement. “Yeah, I think they’ve made a big step,” he mentioned. “It looks like their concept of car has moved them forward, and they look like they’re not too far away, so Fernando Alonso in particular looks very competitive.” 

Horner was pleased with the feedback that Max gave on the performance of the car. “It’s been pretty consistent with Max’s, which is always refreshing to hear, so the development of the car and the direction that we’ll be looking to optimize the car in future races is consistent between both sides of the garage, so that’s encouraging,” Horner said.

Horner was asked to comment on why Red Bull thought of giving each of their drivers an entire day in the car, he said, "I think our preference is: once a driver’s into a rhythm and their engineers are, rather than breaking it over the lunch hour, to continue that theme during the whole of the day. Of course, that’s different for every team… it’s more suited to the plans that we had at this particular test.”