Red Bull puts Perez under pressure

Sergio Perez has denied online allegations that Red Bull is sabotaging his car. 


Fans on social media argue that the energy drink-owned team needs to somehow put the struggling Mexican at a disadvantage after challenging teammate Max Verstappen's dominance in early 2023. "The cars haven't changed," Perez said. "Its in the team's best interest is for both cars to be ahead. What's being said is crazy. There's a lot of speculation," the 33-year-old added. But some believe Red Bull's sabotage wasn't necessarily blatant. For example, the direction of development of the car may have simply favored Verstappen.

Perez doesn't even accept that. “We are Formula 1 drivers and that is the challenge. We have done so before and will continue to do so.” Perez acknowledged that he was under a lot of pressure and stressed that even after a "bad session" some members of the public and the media would want him to step down. Nico Hulkenberg recently said he believes Perez has the toughest job in the starting lineup. "He's a smart driver," Perez smiled. "The drivers know what it's like here, so I think we got along very well. "Drivers probably understand a lot more than the people sitting in front of the TV at home."

"Sometimes things go a certain way and you're like, 'Oh, I can't do it like it used to. "Then it becomes more obvious that the conditions change and you're not as comfortable as you used to be in more difficult conditions," he added. Dr Helmut Marko said last week that Perez has been with Max Verstappen for a long time and has done a good job. "We agree that 90 percent of the riders will come next to Max," Perez replied. “You can't be at Red Bull if you're not mentally strong.”

"You can't underestimate the pressure you're putting yourself under here. A bad session and a team with five riders wanting your job. It's constant pressure from the media. I've never experienced that with any other team until the last three years." " Ferrari, Aston Martin, Mercedes, to name a few, all drivers go through difficult moments, but they don't happen. "Like Red Bull, a bad session doesn't leave the team," he smiled.