Rivalry between Leclerc and Sainz intensifies at British Grand Prix

Frédéric Vasseur is trying to extinguish tensions that are believed to be building between the two Ferrari drivers. 


During qualifying for the British Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz fought harder than ever. The two drivers griped about one another, with Leclerc mockingly pronouncing 'Carlos decent' as his partner passed Carlos at Silverstone. " Perhaps my message was somewhat hostile," Leclerc told correspondents. " However, the adrenaline rush is high in such instances. On this point, the Spaniard Sainz completely concurs. " I think about us are chatting on the radio, not simply him," he said. " We as a whole are feeling the squeeze, we're at our cutoff points, so I don't believe what's being said on the radio ought to be thought about." " Perhaps we should attach microphones to the football players and listen to what they have to say so that we motorists can observe our own self-control." Sainz said.

Sainz has refuted claims that he is "mad" about Ferrari or Leclerc. He told Canal Plus, "It was just a difficult session." I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to complete one lap before the car passed us. I passed him because of that. Prior, Sainz told Ferrari engineers that it wouldn't be reasonable to allow Leclerc to venture out in front of the track. " He stated, "There is a rule that says he can go out first one weekend, and I can go out the next." And now it's his turn in England. In any case, I believed I was in more serious peril. I was eliminated if there was no checkered flag when the checkered flag finally appeared.

Group manager Vasseur attempted to set the episode to the side. " We should have a lager and talk," he grinned. " Everything left a little to be desired. Before the final corner, Lewis Hamilton unexpectedly overtook a few cars, creating a somewhat chaotic situation. Subsequently, our drivers endured. Be that as it may, all will be well." The fact that McLaren overtook the Maranello team at Silverstone during Ferrari's season may be the best explanation for the drivers' tension. Sainz added: " We are seven or eight tenths more slow than Red Bull here, so Sunday will be troublesome except if something unique occurs." Leclerc likewise concurs: “ Although McLaren's early arrival was unexpected, tomorrow anything is possible.”