Russell looks forward to an improved McLaren run.

Russell thinks the McLaren Team have now entered race for the crown as a result of their upgrades.


George Russell, a Mercedes driver in Formula One, believes that McLaren has the potential to maintain its strong performance from the British Grand Prix throughout the rest of the season. McLaren recently announced an upgrade to their car, which resulted in a significant improvement. Lando Norris finished fourth in Austria and then achieved a second-place podium finish at the British Grand Prix. His teammate Oscar Piastri, who did not have the upgrade until Silverstone narrowly missed a podium finish due to a late safety car. The design of McLaren`s upgrade bears similarities to the class-leading Red Bull car, which has won all ten races so far this year.

Mercedes has had an inconsistent season, including a change in design concept after a disappointing start in Bahrain. Russell believes that McLaren has now joined them in the battle against Red Bull. He sees no reason why McLaren cannot continue performing at a high level. Russell mentioned that McLaren was slightly ahead of Mercedes at both Red Bull Ring and Silverstone, which surprised him. However, he emphasized the importance of focusing on their own performance rather than solely on their competitors. While McLaren`s recent success provides inspiration, Russell acknowledges that they need to find more performance to further improve their position.  

On the other hand, Norris expressed caution and highlighted McLaren`s weaknesses on specific circuits, particularly those with low-speed corners like the Hungaroring where the Hungarian Grand Prix will take place on July 23rd. He explained that McLaren`s car struggles in slow-speed corners and can be challenging o drive in those conditions. Despite the recent positive results, Norris urged the team to manage their expectations and not get too carried away. He anticipated that there may be tracks where McLaren`s performance might not be as strong which will then cause people to question their decline. Norris acknowledges the improvements made by the upgrade, such as better tire degradation and management. However, he emphasized that these improvements were track-specific and that McLaren still had significant work to do to compete with the likes of Mercedes and Red Bull on a consistent basis. 

An Overview of McLaren`s F1 Stats:

The McLaren duet looks forward to bringing back its former glory given the three-staged upgrades that they are introducing for their car. Given the state of their MCL160, the rest of the Grands Prix left promise to be mind-blowing.