Sainz feels he did his best as he loses the podium in his hometown

As he started off the race, standing on position two, Sainz must have been confident that he's finish off the race on a high note, with all his hometown fans cheering him on. However those hopes were shattered as both Mercedes drivers and Sergio Perez beat him to it, finishing off the race on fifth position.


The race started off well, with the 28 year old making a good getaway, challenging Verstappen for the 1st position into the first corner. His soft tyres caused him to see Hamilton passing him later on, which was a move he kind of expected. 

After the race, asked to comment, Sainz commented, "I think we actually maximised everything we had. “ I gave my absolute best both in the start and the race pace and I’m just a bit gutted that we couldn’t put in a bit of a stronger defence on the Red Bull and the two Mercedes because they were quicker than us. It wasn’t even worth fighting them because they would have passed me one lap later or another, so I did my absolute best but unfortunately this is what we have now.”

He made peace with the whole situation as he was able to scratch a few points, although it was not what he had hoped for. On the other hand, his team mate Charles Leclerc started the race from the pit lane. This was after the team preferred to have his car checked back at Moranello, with the hope that the issues that stopped him from qualifying last time would be resolved. However, sadly, the 25 year old faced a whole lot of different problems when the race began.   


“It’s very strange and very difficult to understand because we go on the first set of hards, and it feels so bad, no grip at all, especially the fronts, they were just really, really bad,” said Leclerc. “And then you go on the second stint of hard and then everything feels fine, and you just do exactly the same thing as the driver, and it is just in a completely different place. Luckily, we had much less problems compared to qualifying yesterday, where the car was more doing what we expected, unfortunately we still had this problem with tyres, especially in the first stint.”

Starting the race, Leclerc hopped for a tyre offset advantage as the race continued, with which he could climb through the field. In lieu, he was pitting for the first time on the softs, as the Ferrari wasn't so kind to its tyres as the likes of Red Bull and Mercedes. He made some good progress though as he managed to come 11th. “We’ve got so much work to do,” he added. “And to be honest, looking at our weekend, I would struggle to think that it can get worse than that. The target is to only get better from here.”