Schumacher plots a major comeback in 2024

"I'm looking forward to the challenge," Schumacher said, "and the potential opportunities that lie ahead".

Mick Schumacher has his eyes behind the wheel yet again, but not yet, in 2024….

He is a German racing driver who serves as the current reserve driver for Mercedes-AMG F1 Team and McLaren. In 2021 and 2022 he competed in F1 for Haas. He later on joined Mercedes in December 2022. He spoke at the launch of Mercedes' new W14, he said, "Well, there’s obviously no guarantee that I return to the grid in 2024, but I’m in a comfortable position where I feel I can learn, and I can extract the maximum from this year even though I’m not driving. But with the results I’ve shown in the junior categories, but also in F1, I’m sure there will be opportunities. Over the winter, a few people have already mentioned that there is interest, so in that sense, I’m not too worried.”

He also mentioned how he won’t change his normal routine during the Grand Pix weekends. “I’ll still probably take a very similar approach,” he said. “I will be going into the weekend thinking as if I was going to race, to keep myself sharp. But also, because it is a very different year, I will try and see what I can learn from it, take away from this experience, and be as much of a help to the team as I can be. “Partly because I have the experience of driving, but also, I have the mentality that I know how it is to approach a weekend. I will for sure keep the same approach and keep the excitement at a high.”

The 23-year-old driver hopes his racing experience to be of use to Hamilton and Russell out there. 

“Firstly, I do have the experience of driving last year’s car, which is the new generation,” said Schumacher. 

“That means the approaches that I will have in the simulator will be very similar to the ones the racing drivers will have on the track. In terms of that direct comparison, I will be able to talk about time models, talk about how the car behaves or should behave, and therefore will be able to change and adapt the simulator pretty quickly. Hopefully with that in mind, we’ll be able to give the team reliable feedback, but also a set of options that will work in the track.”