The 2023 Formula 1 season shocked Red Bull

He noted that, despite the success of other teams in the recent past, it seemed that some of their rivals had not been able to keep up with their pace.

Christian Horner, the head of Red Bull Racing, has expressed his surprise at the underperformance of some of their key competitors in the current Formula 1 season.


Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez of Red Bull have dominated the season thus far, sharing four one-two finishes. They just fell short in Australia, when Perez's qualifying issues caused him to finish fifth at the line. Red Bull made the "expected" development from its 2022 model to this year's car, according to Horner, while opponents - primarily longtime front-runners Ferrari and Mercedes - have failed to catch up.

"You should never dismiss someone," Horner stated. "And I believe it's been our finest start yet." "We believe that our transition from RB18 to RB19 has been a positive one. However, it is not a significant leap but rather a natural progression. It seems more likely that other teams have fallen behind, which has contributed to our relative success."

The following race in Imola would see a wave of upgrades from most teams, although Horner warned that competitors might still overtake them. The fact that the others may have underperformed in comparison to where they were last year has shocked us, he added. But they will undoubtedly look for a solution to that. Furthermore, I'm confident that significant updates will begin to emerge beginning in Imola.

We have two excellent drivers, a fantastic team, and a fantastic car. There is, however, still plenty to do. Let's hold off on making any judgments until we see how things play out in Barcelona and Imola. Verstappen emphasized that Ferrari frequently displays a strong pace in qualifying, with the team benefiting primarily from a stronger long-run performance.


The Dutchman asserted, "I believe we have a good advantage, particularly in the race." "I believe that during the course of a lap on various tracks, some cars will undoubtedly be near or ahead, as was the case in Baku. "I believe we currently have a significant advantage in terms of race pace. However, it's not as though we're not making any progress while others are bringing in new upgrades. We'll strive to maintain our current momentum and keep up the good work."