The pit gantry shrinks, saving Haas $250,000

This move allows Haas to invest more resources into the development of their cars, allowing them to become even more competitive.

Haas' pit gantry is a large-scale structure located in the pits of a racetrack, where the team's engineers and mechanics can work on the cars during a race. The pit gantry is designed to be collapsible and easily moveable, and Haas has used this technology to reduce the size and cost of its pit gantry, freeing up $250,000 that can be used to develop the cars.

Guenther Steiner, the Haas team Principal, has explained how the team has moved to a three-person pit gantry set up to save funds that can be invested later on into car development. During every single track activity, F1 teams should construct a gantry on the pit wall where race engineers and team managers can observe and analyze the performance of their racing cars.

On normal circumstances, team pits are usually large enough to room seven people, but Haas has pulled up its socks through the Bahrain test. The team has set up a three-person pit gantry.

Steiner went on to explain that when you need to make savings, you look at everything but not efficiency.  He also explained that when you need money to invest in a development plan, because they are at the cost cap, where do they put it? It seemed like a rhetorical question. "You have six people out there or a quarter of a million on car updates? I ow what we are doing.” These were the words of Mr. Steiner as he seemed confident in his plan.

Steiner accentuated that the move would save about a quarter of a million dollars on the team's transport course throughout the season. The three inlets of the gantry are limited to only qualified people that are required due to the operations. The plan involves Steiner not being inside, and he says if there is a need for him to stay inside then he has no problem with that too as he is flexible.

He also said that with three seats they can cover what is needed to be covered and rearranged, but for now it's mainly a saving to put that money into development because they are at the Cost Cap.