The upcoming 2026 season introduces a fresh British Team

British Team, Hitech files an application to compete in Formula One.


There is news of a potential new British team entering Formula One for the 2026 season. Hitech, a British racing team, has submitted an application to participate in Formula One, backed by investment from Kazakh billionaire businessman Vladimir Kim. The parent company of Hitech Grand Prix, Hitech Global Holdings, has announced the sale of a 25% stake to Kim.

Currently, Hitech Grand Prix competes in junior series such as Formula Two, Three, and Four. The team is based at Silverstone and employs over 150 people. Some notable drivers who have raced for Hitech in the past include Nikita Mazepin, with his billionaire father Dmitry serving as a sponsor until sanctions were imposed due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Hitech has been diligently preparing for their Formula One endeavor. After 20 months of planning and extensive preparations at their Silverstone base, the team officially submitted their application for entry into the FIA Formula One World Championship starting from the 2026 season. The team believes that joining Formula One would be a significant milestone, completing their single-seater ladder and showcasing their capabilities to compete amongst the best teams in the world.

The FIA, which governs Formula One, initiated an application process in February to identify potential new teams interested in joining the championship in either 2025, 2026, or 2027. While no decision has been announced yet, Hitech's application adds to the list of contenders. Andretti Global, based in the United States, and General Motors are also seeking to enter Formula One using the Cadillac brand, indicating the impact the racing sport now has all over the world.

The possible addition of a new British team to Formula One brings excitement and anticipation for fans worldwide. If approved, it would mark a significant development in the sport and contribute to the continued evolution and growth of Formula One racing.