The weather at Imola delays Ferrari upgrades

It has been stated that Ferrari had planned to debut its new rear suspension at Imola this weekend, but that their plans had already been delayed by the weather forecast before the race was cancelled.


After team principal Fred Vasseur announced in Miami that new parts would be travelling to Imola with the Scuderia, giving them a new upgrade package to bring with them for the first of their home races this season, due to the severe weather that was predicted to disrupt the three days of racing, Ferrari retreated from the idea of making suspension changes, which was later cancelled anyway.

With the following race in Monaco also not ideal for trying something drastic, Ferrari is likely to delay introducing the new suspension until the Spanish Grand Prix next month. Prior to the race's cancellation, Ferrari was one of several teams considering bringing significant enhancements with them to Imola. Last time out in Miami, Ferrari made adjustments to their floor and diffuser.

The team head of the Scuderia was quick to emphasize that improvements would need to be made throughout the SF-23, not just in one area, as the Scuderia appeared to focus on aerodynamics next in terms of car performance. In Miami, Vasseur said to Sky Sports F1, "I think it would be a mistake first to presume that the performance is coming from a single pillar - the performance is coming from everywhere."

We must stick to our plan and make progress with our platform because it is now challenging to duplicate someone because of the cost cap and the fact that the car was practically frozen between two seasons.

The Emilia-Romagna region has been devastated by floods, which have forced the cancellation of this weekend's Formula 1 race at Imola. F1 teams and drivers have lined up to support the decision.