Top Five Circuits in F1 History

These five circuits have become landmarks for the F1 community, remembered for decades for their significance and iconic status in the racing world.

Upon the 1950 inauguration of the now greatest and most famous racing sport, Formula One has held at least one grand prix event in a total of 32 countries in the world. With the 2023 edition set to be the first ever and longest 23-race season, Formula One eyes new destinations in Miami, Las Vegas, and Austin. The races have competed in iconic and historic circuits in the sport's history. The 2023 edition will retain four of the seven circuits used during the 1950 F1 season debut, these include Silverstone, Circuit de Monaco, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, and Autodromo Nazionale Monza, four of the best circuits in the sport’s history. The article outlines the top five Formula Tracks of all time in the sport's long history.

1. Circuit de Monaco, Monaco


The Monaco circuit is famous for its narrow, street track. Being crowned the World Champion on the roads of Monaco has been the dream of many Formula One drivers. The Monaco roads are regularly used by all vehicle drivers in any other period of time however, when the F1 races are being done, the roads will be closed in order to accommodate the races. The quality of the Monaco tracks remains at a top-notch level, whilst the hairpin, tunnel section, and casino section remain Monaco's iconic representation.  Due to the now wide F1 cars, the narrow Monaco tracks are proving to be a problem for the drivers, especially when drivers want to overtake their rivals in the competition. Lewis Hamilton is the F1 driver with the most wins in the Monaco Circuit, having a total of three grand prix wins at Monaco.

2. Monza, Italy


The Autodromo Nazionale Monza is Italy’s fastest circuit in the F1 calendar. With 70 Formula One grand prix races hosted, Monza sits comfortably at the top. The superb Curva Grande, the two Lesmos, the Ascari chicane as well as the Parabolica are the classical corners that exhibit the greatness of the Monza Circuit. As a Ferrari fan-based circuit, it isn’t shocking to see a red assemblage filling the circuit whenever a Ferrari driver is succeeding.

3. Silverstone, United Kingdom


What makes circuits special are different and unique reasons. Some circuits may be made special by their prestigious corners whilst some by the quality of their tracks, as is the case for the Monza circuit as well as the Monaco Circuit. However, for the Silverstone circuit what makes the circuit more special is the fan attendance which speaks volumes of the love and support of the sport. British fans have been the number one attendants in favor of their very own home gallant, Lewis Hamilton, and they were served with greatness in their midst. The seven-time world champion has won the grand prix a record seven times, followed by Jim Clark with five wins. The 2019 Grand Prix saw the highest number of fan attendance which clocked over 140000. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the circuit has now allowed COVID-19 vaccination cards for fans in attendance for upcoming grand prix events.

4. Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium


Whilst the Monaco circuit remains the jewel as far as F1 circuits are concerned, the Spa-Francorchamps circuit is best loved for its abundant fast corners, which enable drivers to be able to overtake their rivals whenever they feel like doing so. The iconic corners include the Eau Rouge, the Raidillion, and the Kemmel. It is legendary seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher who holds the record for the highest number of Grand Prix wins at the Belgian circuit.

5. Interlagos, Brazil


What makes the Brazilian Interlagos special amongst all other circuits is its unpredictable weather patterns. Usually when the F1 race series goes to the Interlagos circuits, the war will be mainly on who will be crowned the champion. Lewis Hamilton snatched the World Championship by overtaking Felipe Massa on the last corner of the last lap. In what would go down as the unforgettable recovery drives in the F1 history, Sebastian Vettel was crowned the champion after spinning on the first lap. It is Allain Prost who holds the record for the highest number of Grand prix wins at the circuit.