Top five options Hamilton is likely to choose

Hamilton is likely to choose from one of the five F1 options available to him, in order of probability.

2022 was not a good year for Mercedes, as their car W13 took just one pole and victory, both by George Russell. However, the team remained hopeful. This starting season hasn't proved to be going too well for the team either. In fact, the team has only been going backward. Hamilton really takes this to heart as he mentions that the team did not heed his words when he advised on what their new toy, the W14, needed. To add on to that, he mentioned that he did not “connect well” with the car. 

Hamilton's frustrations are evidently growing, as he blames the team for not putting him in a position to achieve his goals. Now, after his current deal with the team, there are five options for him on the table.


An extension at Mercedes

Ahead of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, the team boss commented, “I don’t think that Lewis will leave Mercedes. Nevertheless, if he wants to win another championship, he needs to make sure that he has the car and if we cannot demonstrate that we’re able to give him a car in the next couple of years, then he needs to look everywhere. I don’t think he’s doing it at this stage, but I will have no grouch if that happens in a year or two.”

There's a new upgrade that's on the way from the W14 and considering that, most probably Hamilton will stick around for a while and see if there's room for improvement for Mercedes. 


Hamilton's interests are wide spread as he has business interests in food, fashion, film, sport and many more. In addition to that, he is involved in charity causes, which give him great fulfillment. So if the 38-year-old legend does not see a promising future with Mercedes, he'll just call it a day and venture into some other interests and opportunities. 

A vacation, maybe?

Fernando Alonso, currently competing for Aston Martin, also took the same route some time back in 2018 when he was still with McLaren and returned later on in 2021. Hamilton could take the same route and take some time out, to recharge and think about the options before him. 

Abiding extension

If Hamilton decides to leave for another team, it would be pretty weird as he's now, without a doubt, part of the family. “He is at the stage of his career where we trust each other,” said Wolff. “We have formed a great bond among each other. We have no reason to doubt each other, even though this is a difficult spell.”

Go for a different team

If Hamilton decides that Mercedes is no longer up to his standard, he can probably go for another team. Such a team could be Red Bull, which is dominant at the moment. However, Verstappen could decline considering that he and Hamilton are rivals. 

Or maybe Aston Martin, considering that the team is second best after Red Bull at the moment. Hamilton will be reuniting with Alonso, and the pair does fireworks, as can be seen from last season. 

What's your take on these options…….???