Toto Wolff wants F1 Stewards to make the right calls

He makes a comparison between Abu Dhabi 2021 and Fernando Alonso penalty

Toto Wolff is not impressed at all, and he has made a comparison between the 2021 World title that Lewis Hamilton lost and the penalty that Fernando Alonso got at Saudi Arabia. He believes, on both incidents, it was the duty of the FIA to “come to the right decision” instead of taking an impromptu one. 

Hamilton lost the 2021 title and his team feels as though he was robbed of an eighth World title because of the director back then, Michael Masi. Masi is an Australian motorsports official who worked as F1's race director from 2019-2021. In this role, he oversaw the logistics of an F1 racing weekend, ensuring all cars, tracks, and drivers abide by FIA regulations before, during, and after a race. 


Masi took a decision for a final lap shoot-out between Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Mercedes felt it was a wrong move. 

In the end, Masi left the position and FIA's race control system was put under two directors, with one leaving later on, Niels Wittich. However, Wolff is not totally satisfied as he reckons the mistakes haven't stopped, with the most recent one being at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix where Alonso’s penalty pit stop was declared okay.

Earlier on at the start of the race, Alonso he was given a penalty for lining up incorrectly on the grid. His rear jack man slid the jack under the car, before the team could pause for the 5-second penalty. The stewards had a review and gave Alonso a 10-second penalty. However, he pleaded, and the penalty was retracted.


According to Wolff, all he wants is for stewards to make the right decisions. “Firstly, the penalty was super harsh because from the pure driving performance Fernando and Aston Martin deserved to be on the podium. We have to look at those regulations and see is there is anything we can tweak because it didn’t affect his race. I’d rather have the FIA come to the right decisions than be too quick and obviously fall into something that’s wrong."

Commenting further, he said, “We’ve been victims of that in 2021 where everything was down to the entertainment for a quick decision, and it robbed the greatest driver of the championships. So in that respect, I think I’d rather not go to the podium and have the correct result afterward.” 

Alonso, too, showed that he was not entirely impressed by stewards. “I think it is a poor show from the FIA,” he commented before his penalty was retracted, “more than disappointment from ourselves. You cannot apply a penalty 25 laps after the pit-stop. They had enough time to really inform about the penalty because, if I knew that, maybe I could have opened 11 seconds to the car behind.”