Verstappen vs Hamilton Hungarian qualifying  

After Lewis Hamilton's return to pole position in Hungary, Toto Wolff has suggested that the next step would be to sign a contract until 2024.  


"It's not signed, but we made it emotional," said the Mercedes boss. Hamilton agreed: “It's taking us longer than we all think to get to where we want to be, but I'm sure we'll get there.” Saturday's result ended Max Verstappen's dominance. The Dutchman said he qualified 3,000 behind Hamilton because his Red Bull car felt “terrible” said Verstappen. If you don't feel good, you don't feel good.”

Dr. Helmut Marko also agrees: “According to our statistics, the new parts seem to work.” At sister team Red Bull, Sergio Perez returned to Q3 for the first time in at least six races, but Dr. Helmut Marko restrained criticism of the Mexican. "The first practice session was wet and with Perez falling, we didn't have any insight," Marko said. "The car doesn't behave as expected here," he added at the Hungaroring. "We lost in Turns 5 and 6 and have a problem with the curbs. "It was an important performance for Perez. He had the same problem as Max. " He's five tenths behind, but that's because of Max.

“You can't blame Perez for that.” But while Mercedes are cheering, Wolff does not expect Hamilton to remain in the lead after Sunday's long race. "Max's long runs at this distance are from another planet," he stressed. But Verstappen's first step would be to make it through the first round with Hamilton. Red Bull boss Christian Horner has reminded the F1 world that the duo clearly have a ‘history’. “If we can get through the first corner together, then it will be interesting.” Mr. Wolf also warned: "Neither Lewis nor Max have anything to lose.


“Lewis will do everything to make it a great game. Our biggest weakness was not the lack of downforce in our car. The problem was the unpredictability in the rear.” “Today Lewis was confident in the car. At the same time, we must remain realistic.” But Hamilton has hopes. "They (Red Bull) are a little off the pace compared to the beginning of the year.

Look at the DRS - DRS doesn't have the advantage it had before," he said. “Where'd you go?" Marko agreed the rivalry between Hamilton and Verstappen "still contains fuel" ahead of Sunday's first leg. "At least there is no more talk of boredom in F1," he said. “Hamilton was very quick on individual laps yesterday, faster than us,” Marko told Selvas TV. “Overtaking is very difficult here, so it's going to be an interesting and tough race.”