What Rookies have to say about the Pre-Season Test

From the rookies' perspective, the Pre-Season Test was an invaluable opportunity to gain experience and learn the ropes of professional sports.

On Thursday the 23rd of February, Oscar Piastri, Logan Sargeant and Nyck de Vries were at the Bahrain International Circuit for their pre-season test debuts. 

The working through a series of programs, Logan Hunter Sargeant who races for Williams was placed the highest rookie in P10. Nyck de Vries from AlphaTauri was slotted into position 13, and Piastri from McLaren was on position 18 out of the 19 racers. 


Sargeant, who bagged an entire 75 laps, declared that mileage is key and asked to comment further, he said, “It was enjoyable to finally get the chance to get comfortable in the car. I feel like I did build up comfortability throughout the day, but it was relatively tricky, the grip seemed relatively low. There are definitely a few things to work on heading into tomorrow. Another full day, so there's another chance to take another step forward. I think we are moving in the right direction.”

Sargeant also learned a lot from teammate Alex Albon. Commenting on the 26-year-old's experience, Sargeant said, "He has been an excellent reference for me, to see what he’s doing in the car. I think he’s extremely quick and has a lot of experience, so he’s a perfect teammate to lean on.”

On the other hand, Piastri felt quite positive about his start, completing 52 laps using the MCL60 for the first time. Afterward, he handed over to Lando Norris, a teammate. 

The 21-year-old, who previously served as Alpine's reserve driver, said, "My first morning of testing was pretty smoothly, which is a positive start to the season. We got through the programme we wanted to. This was very rewarding, with the focus being on bringing myself back up to speed and used to the updated generation of F1 cars. There is still a lot to learn and improvements to make, but I think I’m getting there. It was a joy to run some laps on the board, and everything felt pretty comfy.” 


De Vries ended the race with a whole 85 laps and commented, "Today was our first day back on track with the AT04 at pre-season testing. In terms of execution and reliability, we had a positive day. “Conditions were quite challenging with high track temperatures and strong winds, although this was the same for everybody. Ultimately, we went through the program and even if it’s early, we continue to work on learning about our car and gathering as much data as possible.”