What's in store for F1 2023: Five team-mate rivalries

Is unity in the works among F1 teammates as Bahrain's season opener approaches?

Drivers will battle it out on the track to prove who is the best. The competition among team-mates will be fierce, and it will be interesting to see which teams come out on top. Teams will have to be strategic in their approach to secure the best results.

Esteban Ocon vs Pierre Gasly


It has always been the case that teammates within Formula One cannot stand each other’s presence, especially if their experiences are of the same level or better, yet they have a bone of contention to chase. Such is also the case for Gasly as well as Ocon, who have been reported to have their animosity dating back to their karting days. 

The two Frenchmen have been put into the same team, and the team’s principal accentuates that the two drivers have made up and fixed their issues. What remains to be tested is the strength of their relationship when they will be put on track. The two Alpine drivers believe that they will be able to work together in a bid to achieve Alpine dreams. 

Gasly stated that they are grown up people, more mature, and they are aware of the responsibilities of being Alpine drivers and having such a big group behind them. Ocon on the other hand alluded that whilst they may never be best friends, they are both very professional, and they are going to work the way they need to be performing. What is important is to keep the momentum and he for-sees a great collaboration with Gasly.

A look at the performances of Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly:

Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris


The young Australian Oscar Piastri was brought in to replace Daniel Ricciardo, and he will be teaming up with Lando Norris in the Formula One 2023 edition. Piastri has the burning pressure of measuring up to Norris’s achievements and better yet performing a lot better than Norris as well. 

The Britain driver, Norris has much experience and expertise compared to Piastri who’s only 21. In his first competition, Piastri won both Formula 2 and Formula 3, an achievement only made possible by George Russell as well as Charles Leclerc. McLaren has declared their belief in the young driver as they went all their way to bring him in, and hence Piastri now enters the 2023 edition full of expectations.

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz


The two Ferrari drivers are even in terms of their standings, with Carlos Sainz exceeding expectations on his first season, defeating Charles Leclerc and Leclerc claiming the second season authoritatively. 

The Ferrari boss has expressed his excitement concerning Carlos and Charles relationship, saying that it is a healthy rivalry. The two scuderia drivers have alluded that they are friends but also very competitive, adding that they are able to work together both on and off the track.

Below is a brief overview of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz:

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell



In the 2022 edition, the Mercedes team did not have a fantastic year as they only won one grand prix, and it was George Russell who won the grand prix. The W13 has porpoising issues and couldn’t be the desired machinery to take Mercedes to the eighth championship for Hamilton. 

As the W13 improved, so did the seven time world champion’s performance in the season. With the 2023 livery improved and looking to have no bouncing issues, Lewis Hamilton looks to redeem himself from the previous season’s performances.

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez


Upon their alignment as teammates, Sergio Perez proved to be a team player and a playmaker for his compatriot Max Verstappen, and a player who would take one for the team’s sake. However, at the São Paulo Grand Prix, Max Verstappen did not prove to share the same sentiments as he failed to give leeway to his partner even when he had already won the championship. He went on to ignore his team’s directives, claiming that he had his reasons for doing so. Daniel Ricciardo has asserted that perhaps Sergio Perez has a score to settle getting into the F1 2023 season.

Their relationship has been described as a master and apprenticeship relationship.