Why McLaren isn't going crazy yet 

McLaren team won their first podium of this season due to Lando Norris's success at the British GP. Will they maintain his position.


Norris has testified he doesn't want another five years to pass without winning McLaren a world championship. The Englishman finished fourth last time in Austria, his best result of the season, but had struggled in the midfield until then. McLaren's package cannot currently compete with Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari and Aston Martin. 

Norris, who has climbed the rankings in the walking team and is considered a future world champion, has never been given a car to match. He has five podiums and one second place finish, but he doesn't want to be a rider who can't fight for victory. Norris said, "That was the toughest season for me. I was on the upswing, feeling the glory and the podium, and then it plummeted to the worst I've ever been in. I really want to win. At the same time it feels so far away, everyone is trying so hard and when you don't reach the points' contender it's going to cost you a lot.


"I have nothing and it hurts." And to think that I was in Formula 1 for five seasons makes me feel like 'damn it'. Five years have passed in the blink of an eye, and before I knew it, ten years had passed since I came here. So I don't want to be in that position. " Norris is considered a generational talent, but when compared to other drivers of his generation, namely George Russell and Charles Leclerc, he falls behind eight. The aforementioned duo have won races and are working with a team that could deliver results in the future. The McLaren man has no such guarantees and has vented his frustrations in the past. He has also seen former teammate Carlos Sainz move to Ferrari and take his first race win. Norris acknowledged that he remains eyeing potential opportunities and considering what might happen elsewhere.

He confessed,"People are watching things all the time." Every driver on the grid does. Sometimes I wonder, "What if I were in this or that position?" Somehow, I've reached a point where I'm happy to just keep my head down. "When the time comes and something happens, something happens, but I'm not into it, but rather, like everyone else, I dream about different things in life."