Will Haas extend Magnussen's F1 journey beyond 2023


The Dane has lost such a long ways in 2023 to new colleague Nico Hulkenberg, the 35-year-old German getting back from a three-year constrained break. Magnussen told DAZN he knew about Hulkenberg's exhibition. " I feel like he's returning with a ton of energy and I'm cheerful he's back with new open doors and he's working really hard for the group." Told. Simultaneously, Magnussen found it moderately troublesome with his sister vehicle. " The 30-year-old told Extra Blade that "it's not my season yet." However, now that the experience is beginning, we need to make all the difference for our cool and simply keep." It has become increasingly apparent over the past few weeks that Haas manager Gunther Steiner will almost certainly offer Hulkenberg a new contract for 2024. The expiration of Magnussen's contract has also been put on hold.


"Indeed, my agreement has terminated and I would agree that it's equivalent to continuously," he conceded. " Yet, this time the strain feels unique. I was somewhat more loose and undaunted by the strain that accompanied it. It caused me such anxiety. Magnussen additionally said his relationship with Steiner and group proprietor Quality Haas has made a difference. " He stated, "I have been with the team almost from the beginning and have integrated very well into the team." Being there for a really long time gives you an alternate understanding and point of view on what's happening." Toto Wolff of Mercedes recently stated that he intends to discuss Lewis Hamilton's contract with him over pizza. "No pizza," chuckled Magnussen. " In previous years, a call with Gunther would only take five minutes. For the most part it's simply me and Gunther. I don't have a lawful group to haggle for my benefit." Steiner recently expressed the hope that the lineup for Haas in 2024 will be finalized a little sooner than usual. I don't have an assessment on that," Magnussen demanded, "obviously presenting it is generally great. The sooner the better, but it doesn't matter in the end. Haas is right now battling with race speed and consistency, he said, so he doesn't see the chance of moving to another group. " Likewise, I figure it will require investment to see the effect of the subsidizing we have now," Magnussen said. " The vehicle we are driving presently was created without (title support) MoneyGram." " I feel like this lays an excellent starting point for an extraordinary future for Haas, so I'm truly anticipating seeing where the group is going." " It could be hard to become title holders with this group, yet basically I figure we can establish a decent starting point for what's to come."


Magnussen is likewise not persuaded he needs to race to the point of affirming the questionable 2026 F1 rules, while Max Verstappen is straightforwardly worried about the effect of bigger electrical parts. " He stated, "I think hearing this will cause you to reevaluate whether or not you do it." To contend at this level, you must be truly energetic. " In addition, it can be challenging to find passion when driving suddenly ceases to be enjoyable. I'm not into Formula E. I'm not involved.