Wolff mentions issues that are derailing Lewis

This lack of trust and feedback has hindered Hamilton from unlocking his true potential, leaving the Saudi Grand Prix a reminder of his capabilities.

Lewis Hamilton finished second best at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, and team boss Toto Wolff thinks that Hamilton doesn't trust the W14, and it doesn’t give him enough confidence to push himself.


Hamilton said, "I just don’t feel the car underneath me. I just don’t feel connected to this car, and I can’t get it. So I don’t really know what I’m going to do about that. It’s tough, I’m giving it absolutely everything.” He admitted that something was not right. Furthermore, he feels if he had simulated George, he might have been in a better position. 

Mercedes acknowledged that their W14 concept was wrong and already have plans in place to change that. Others are wondering if Hamilton has a hard time driving if the car has technical problems, seeing this is the third time in his F1 career when a teammate finished ahead of him. 

Toto mentioned how it's important for a driver to connect with his car. “They are different drivers and need a car with a certain handling in order to be able to drive fast. At no point this season has, Lewis felt the kind of feedback from the car that allows him to really push himself to the limit. If you have a car that you don’t trust, then you can’t push in the corners. That’s what we saw in qualifying. George can drive around it better and has more confidence in the car.” 

Adding on, he said, “It’s up to us to give both of them a car that they can drive to the front.”

The team boss definitely believes the bulk of Hamilton’s drawbacks come from the rear end. “We have a fundamental issue he’s not happy with, and that is linked to the way he feels the rear end of the car,” said Toto. “And that’s not something that can be cured quickly. But the drivers are the most important sensors in the car, and if they tell us that’s what they feel, we need to consider that.”

Asked to share his thoughts on how these issues can be fixed, he said fixing the car’s rear end issues, adding more downforce, will really make a difference. “We’re a long way down on downforce. So we’ve got to pick up the rear end downforce, particularly. The more rear we gain, the more stable the rear becomes, and the more confident I’ll be able to attack. But I think in general, just this car, even if we do change that, there’s a specific thing with something on the car that I have never had before. It’s a position I’ve not had in previous years’ cars. For me, it’s the thing that is making me uncomfortable. I’ve just got to work hard to make sure it is changed. It’s on a massive knife edge when you’re above about 95%, but when you’re in a race stint, it’s much more controllable and predictable."